About Why

Traveler, Photographer, Collaborator, Wanderlust Sufferer.  All of these monikers can describe the things that make me genuinely happy.  I believe we are born creatives but how we express our creativity can be developed over a lifetime.  The ability to see moments that are better captured for posterity is addictive.

As photographers we look at situations unfurling in front of us as moments that can be manipulated through a lens in a way that does justice to reportage or art.  As a traveler, it strikes me that the opportunities we have to collect important images are bi-products of the experiences we have as we explore new places and meet new people.

Vancouver Island on Canada’s West coast is home but as time marches on I have come to embrace the term global citizen.  I look forward to every journey as I  grow personally from every experience.  Please follow these adventures from the comfort of wherever you are in the world.




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