I always have my camera bag with me when I leave the house and yesterday was no exception.  The weather was iffy and the wind was blowing hard from the Southwest.  My intent was to head to a couple of locations nearby to take some long exposure landscape photographs.


Upon arrival the wind at my back was lifting me from my feet and it became immediately apparent that my tripod wouldn’t be cutting the mustard.  So whatever I did get up to with my camera was going to have to be handheld.


On my drive home along Dallas Road I caught a glimpse off to my right of dozens of colourful kites zipping backwards and forwards from east to west and back again.  It has been a while since I have driven the coast road and the last time I did parasailors were all the rage.

Clearly the wind was a bit too furious for those folks but for a kite boarder this was the day to be out on the water.  The Straight of Juan de Fuca is clearly a great place to hone kiteboarding skills.  The Victoria coastline is a truly picturesque location.  You have shipping lanes full of traffic, you have lighthouses standing watch and of course there is always the backdrop of the city itself.


After watching for quite some time I came to the conclusion that I would love to try this high octane sport.  Unfortunately and alas, I envisioned that immediately upon entering the water the kite would drag me along the shoreline and over the jagged rocks on my face.  I recently read that a Montreal surgical team completed the world’s first face transplant, so I hope they believe in practice makes perfect (I think my wife would like it if George Clooney was up for a swap).  On second thoughts I think I’ll give it a miss and maybe refocus on surfing.  Not sure if it’s a retirement sport but what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained.



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