Like many other landscape and travel photographers I have long relied upon my wide angle zoom lenses for the majority, if not all my efforts to produce evocative images.  But as time marches on I have taken onboard the advice of many of my Youtube heroes and moved to try and get closer to the landscape and architecture.

Compressing the subject from its background can change the look and feel of the final composition into something more interesting and most often perhaps even more pleasurable to the viewer.  I bounce around from system to system.  I am not a professional and that is easy to see.  What I am is someone that is always looking for a change.  The change has to be for the better.  Now that does not mean that the change will provide me with newer or better equipment.  Sometimes for me a change of system might provide inspiration.  EVF’s have become a tool I prefer and enjoy to use.  My sight is failing and I feel that an optical viewfinder does not help me where I need help.

In the last 10 years I have used Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Sony, Fuji, back to Nikon and at the moment I am back again with Sony.  It appears that I am not what you would refer to as brand loyal.  I have had a camera in my hands or near by for the last 40 years and as such I have seen very big advancements in every aspect of the hobby.

I am currently using a Sony A7II (because my III has been backordered for 2 months) and several Sony lenses.  I can only hope that the A7III is as good as its hype. I am of the opinion that it must be getting all the accolades and winning over the photographic community for good reason.  My last camera was a Nikon D850 that I would have been still using today if I did not drop it onto concrete from a hight 3 months ago.  It is a magnificent camera capable of exceptional things.

As you have read in other posts I can be prone to the odd ramble and as such I am gonna get back to the reason for this post.  I have fallen in love with the Sony FE 70-200mm F4.  I find that it renders beautiful images and is light and relatively compact enough to take very little space in a bag.  I have used it in several locations both on and off tripod and I feel it is a gem.

The colours it produces are accurate and I feel it is just as sharp as other more expensive offerings from both Sony and it’s competitors.  I can’t speak to the Sony 70-200mm F4 from a technical perspective as I’m not interested.  All I can tell you is that I love it.  I would not rely upon it indoors with the A7II but if the hype is real with III then maybe with enough ambient light and A7S II like high ISO, then maybe it may be ok then too.  What is important to know is that the image quality and sharpness is certainly good enough for me.  The lens is constructed very well and to a high standard in my humble opinion.

So what I have left is to provide a gallery of images taken over the last month with the Sony combo.   Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.




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