Before I stoop to another Goldmember quote (the only Dutch movie character parody I’ve ever seen) I should catch you up on where we have been for the last few days.  We pulled into Gent with all the best intentions to see one of Europe’s perfectly kept Cites.


Sadly our time in the otherwise quiet little hub was thrown to the wolves as we landed ourselves in town for Gentfest.  Every Belgian from near and far had descended here to get down with any or every musical genre you could imagine.  


It was ok but not what we looking for.  We split pretty quick (I am a poet and don’t even know it) and made our way to Ypres. Success and an absolutely A+ afternoon in a perfect place.  We wandered for hours until the internal clock told Alli it was time for moule’s et frites.  We both opted for white wine sauce.  Such a good evening at a top notch brasserie.  Our waiter spoke only four languages fluently and he worked the terrace of 25 tables like a robot. Nobody had an empty glass.  Nobody looked like they were wanting for anything.  It makes you stop and ponder as to how 3 waitresses at the Penny Farthing Pub back home frequently allow three very well paying customers to remain as parched as a fly on a camels ass from arrival to departure.  That Belgian man was indeed a professional and I went as far to tell him so more than once.


Sadly another saga nears its close and I currently sit on the 5th floor of our hotel peering towards the North runway of Schipol Airport.  We have been in Amsterdam for 3 days now which has given us some time to live a little like the Dutch (sans the red light district nastiness or THC lollipop consumption). 

We have wandered the canals, seen Anne Frank’s home and even replaced a battery in an iPhone 6 at the Amsterdam Apple Store.   From the old to the new is all to be tried and tested here. It is a nation of giants. Seemingly all Dutch folks ride bikes or scooters like the cast of Mad Max.  The first one with Mel Gibson, not that other shit. 

Amsterdam is a city that tolerates almost anything or anyone.  To say this city is liberal in outlook would be a definite understatement. “And the sign says long haired freaky people must apply”.   Almost everyone of our stops on this adventure have had a cafe culture.  Amsterdam is certainly that way as well but on steroids.  You have two choices. You can tempt fait and risk your life with the cyclists and scooteratti coming at you on the sidewalk from all angles and directions or you can take one pace backwards and fear not as you fall into a chair of one of the 4000 cafes (according to trip advisor) that line the streets and canals. 


The public transit is top notch and almost Swiss in punctuality.  I keep wanting to speak ill of London’s Tube or Paris’s Metro in comparison but I have to put it into perspective. Amsterdam has a population of 900,000 and London and Paris are 10,657,000 and 2,241,000 in comparison.  I couldn’t organize a cab journey for 5 so I better check myself before I wreck myself. 

Sadly its over.  We are checked in online and we are bound for the airport in the morning to climb aboard our KLM flight for Seattle.  Thanks to Deanna and Allistair for making this trip one never to forget.  Not too many husbands nowadays can say that they have celebrated a silver anniversary with their wonderful wife.  Love you buddy! Thanks to the guys at work for holding the fort while I gallivant.  Next week I will be back with my nose to the grindstone and hoping to quickly get back in the groove.

Until next time!  I am truly grateful for the well over 14000 visitors to this site over the years.  




  1. Thanks for sharing. This is one positive use of social media. My wife is Dutch. ( Defries). Great to hear about that area. Safe travel back.


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