I’m not upset nor am I excited. The 2018 World Cup is in the books and France won 4-2 in impressive fashion.  The streets of every city, town and village are absolutely crazy.  Tens of millions have left their homes and cafe’s and taken to open spaces to wave flags, let off blue smoke and do donuts with cars, trucks and scooters.  Life for a Frenchman ce’ coir is a thing of beauty.  There are screams, smiles and tears (of joy).


We are blessed to be here today of all days.  If things work out this wont be the only sporting spectacle that we experience on this trip.  In several days we will be at the base of alpe d’huez for a stage of the Tour de France and a couple days later in Monaco for a Diamond League Track meet.


Yesterday took us to a neighbouring town nicknamed the Venice of France.  What other than two person gondola racing was on the cards.  Yes there were chills, thrills and spills.  There were those who tripped and fell as they forged the man made rock waterfalls.  There were also those who took so much water on board they spent more time trying to right their boats than race them. 


This was such a pretty place and so well attended by locals.  It was cool to see racers cheered on by family and friends alike.  After the festivities we wandered for hours through the narrow streets and over the bridges of the many canals.



We ate at home last night.  A meal comprised of Toulouse sausages and Provençal potatoes.  It was a wonderful night accompanied by several glasses of Luberon Rose’.   This morning took Alli and I back to the tennis club for another hour or so of rallying in the early sun.  As per the norm these days we finish at the club then relocate to the local boulangerie for pain au chocolate and some strong coffee.  Deanna joined us and we took our time enjoying the atmosphere while reading the paper.



Once we readied ourself for the day ahead, I flashed up the car and we drove off to the east via a route we have never taken before.  Sometimes fortune favours the brave and this morning it took quite some nerve to venture down these one lane roads dotted with oncoming traffic.  There were moments when cars, buses and tractors approached when my heart stopped and then once we crossed each other’s path unscathed it began to beat again.  Success, we lived to tell the story (literally) and my heart got several opportunities to jump start itself.  I hope that this becomes its strong suit if I continue to mainline Rochefort cheese.



So there we were in Saignon.  Another wonderful hill town completely surrounded by lavender fields and honey farms.  This hilltop village was a pleasure to experience.  We peered in real estate agent’s windows all the while dreaming of the lotto 649 win we don’t deserve but would graciously accept regardless.  I leave you as I continue well into the third straight hour of TV reporters being mobbed by French fans as they venture through the crowded streets of Paris. The Arch de Triumph has never looked better.

Fortis Fortuna adiuvat & Vive la France!

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