It is just under 4 hours from Anna’s garage to the Glacier lake known as Jokulsarlon.  I left before sun-up around 8:30 this morning and I drove and I drove.  I made a quick stop back in Vik to catch some different light down at the black beach.  I think it was worth it.


By the time arrived at Jokulsarlon the sun was on its way back down.  I have never chased light like this before for my photography.  Seconds mean missing the perfect look or at least what I had Imagined.


I met a father around my age and his adult son.  He asked where I was from and I told him expecting him to ask where is that.  But no, he knew exactly where I was talking about.  He and his family had traveled there by ferry twice in the last ten years.  His son was wearing a Seattle Seahawks hat so I assumed that they were from the Pacific Northwest.


Wrong again.  I asked where they were from and he responded Atlanta.  He didn’t expect me to tell him I had been there twice for Baseball Showcase Tournaments.  I then said we actually spent 90% of the time in Marietta just north of the ATL.  He said that’s funny, that’s where we live.  We stood about for thirty minutes in sub zero temperatures discussing our favorite Marietta restaurants and just occasionally icebergs and Iceland.

Its a small world, remember that!




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