Today was nothing less than an epic journey along the south coast of Iceland.  The highway from Selfoss to Vik is baron, wind swept and unbelievably beautiful.  Waterfalls (Foss) draw your attention and you find yourself pulling off the road regularly to get a better look.


There are very few little places to stop for gas or refreshments but to be fair it is the middle of nowhere.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about that.  In fact, I love it.  Lunch in Vik was exceptional today.  Not only for taste, presentation and location but also in price. I don’t know how locals afford it here. Seventy five Canadian dollars later for a 12” pizza and a beer (yikes).


I am staying in a very modern guest house just 500m from the beach looking south to the Heimaey Islands which stand several kilometres off shore.  They rise from the black seas proudly with a unique boldness.  Really picturesque to be sure.  My Guesthouse is called the Garage.  My host is Anna.  What you see as you approach is for all intents and purposes a bunkhouse at the base of a mountain range.


When you step inside that all changes.  This room is very cool and very modern.  Anna has great taste.

58FFB52E-D96F-4FD8-B52A-EA983596F9B3I am here for two days then back tracking to Reykjavik for the last couple before returning home.  I have an abandoned DC-3 wreck to find tomorrow along with a lake that has brilliant blue ice bergs floating up on to its beaches.


So far so very good!




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