‘Sir, If you enjoyed your stay please tell your friends”.

Today brings our last moments in Cozumel. And with a heavy heart we pushed our luggage along to the lobby to checkout from this Oceanside paradise. The lovely lady at the front desk of the Presidente’ Intercontinental Resort was just another exceptional example of the quality of staff that made our stay here unforgettable. It is truthfully hard to believe that this is the end of our stay here on the Island.


When we arrived here last week we were newbies to the East coast of Mexico and for that matter the Caribbean. We came not knowing what to expect if truth be told. The funk that hung over us due to my Japan trip blunder still weighed heavy in the very humid air.

As I eluded to in a blog post last week, when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade. The Presidente’ Resort helped us make truck loads of lemonade over the last 9 days. It will seem to many that this has become the ravings of the worlds biggest sycophant.


Those that know me will know that I don’t actually like many things. I used to work with a guy that regularly mentioned there are 6 billion people on this planet, and that he liked 6 of them. I won’t go that far. I like at least five more than that and there is definitely room to grow given the right set of circumstances.

So let’s get down to it. The nice lady I spoke of earlier asked if I would tell our friends all about our stay and write a quick review for Trip Advisor. Dear Trip Advisor readers, please consider the Intercontinental Resort on island of Cozumel Mexico if you want an absolutely 5 star vacation. The rooms are beautiful. As your door opens you find immediate respite from the extreme heat by the wonderful and purposeful air conditioning. Our suite had french doors that opened up to a white sandy beach and brilliant turquoise water just beyond. Our rooms were maintained impeccably daily by a very well-trained team. The attention to detail is first class.


Once on the beach the service continues at a high level. The waiters that patrol the beach are athletic and attentive. They know instinctively when to approach for drink orders, replace beach towels and fetch ice. The waiters on the beach were not the only ones that stood by to make our stay so memorable. The gentlemen that worked in the Mexican restaurant soon learned our names and our preferences. The food was authentic and outstanding. I had the pleasure of trying several dishes that are from the Yucatan peninsula that I would have otherwise never enjoyed.

The grounds are beautifully maintained by gardening staff. We soon got to recognize the faces of the fellows that pruned the palm trees and harvested the coconuts for the bar staff to use throughout the day. Without fail, you would get a huge smile and a warm greeting as you walked past them at work. The infinity pool and neighbouring beaches are incredible. If snorkelling with hundreds of different species of fish strikes your fancy, you would be in the right place. If you have your dive ticket you are also spoiled for choice with the abundance of companies that service the resort.


If parasailing is your pleasure then you are also in the right spot. I’m sure it ends somewhere but I could go on. To sum up, this place ensured our family had an awesome holiday and the will to return next year if everything comes to plan. This resort and its staff are to be congratulated as they provide a five-star service.



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