If you live on Vancouver Island and you wish to travel to far off destinations, the best travel deals usually start on the mainland just a 90 minute ferry ride away.  For the last couple of years I have become a slave to Chris Myden and his YVR Deals page on twitter.  Lately there have been some exciting and very reasonable offers that will certainly aid me in seeing a few parts of the world I have never seen.  Turning 50 does come with a mortality check and a bucket list.

When one travels by car to the Vancouver International Airport on an average day, it requires the patience of Jobe and the reflexes of an Olympic fencer. Firstly one must assume the position of a tie fighter pilot.  One must feel the force. One must out last the relentless attacks by the Empire’s pilots to survive (Whalley-Newton Cabbies).

If you arrive in tact, you must then solve for X to figure out the parking puck system.  If you succeed and qualify for a spot on Jeopardy you now have the pleasure of humping your bags from the car to the departure level.

With those steps behind you it’s time to do your best lemming impression and line up to check your bags and get your boarding passes.  I know, I know, you can use the self-service kiosks.  If they were so simple why do they have an attendant who dearly wishes they had passed the cabin crew test to help you navigate it (not you LuLu).

Ok, so you are checked in and you have said goodbye to your bags (maybe for the last time). And now you must make your way through security.  If all goes well and you get to keep your shoes on you can make your way to one of the copious eating or drinking establishments where the staff will soon commence a complete fleecing of all your wool at cheque time.

Today is different, today is one of the nicest travel days I have ever had.  And the weird part is I haven’t even gone anywhere yet.  Yesterday I made the executive decision to throw caution to the wind and bust out the old Fairmont Hotels Presidents Club Card.  Yesterday It was a very simple process that saw me inquire, decide and book  a room at the Vancouver Airport Fairmont Hotel on their app in no time flat.  Not only did I choose this as a preface to travelling to Japan tomorrow, I went one further.  Would you like to upgrade to the Gold Level Mr. Catto?  Let me see, do I want 24 hour concierge service? Do I want unfettered access to the gold lounge for canapés, evening deserts, the honor bar and first in line at the Spa?  Yes I think I do!


So here I sit with my feet up in my room 24 hours before I leave for Osaka.  I am listening to the in room music service play classical guitar.  Music soothes the savage beast they say.  They must be right.  I have not felt like yelling at anyone in several hours.  I have no idea what the selection of canapés and beverages might look like when we cross the hall to the Gold Lounge.  There is no apprehension here, I have trained myself for this showdown.  Suffice to say I shan’t be unhappy.





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