Ready To Climb Back On The Horse!

Travel, Photograph, Repeat

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Just less than a year has gone by since I was bubbling over with anticipation for the trip of a lifetime.  Bucket list items to be knocked off one at a time.  The Coast to Coast Walk, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, my first visits to Prague and Rome.

All the above mentioned stops were intended to bring new experiences and inspire more and more adventures.  As in times gone by on trips to Italy, Rome stood apart for me as a city that I not only wanted to further experience but also a unique place that seemed to make a connection with me that created a special bond.

What can one see and do in 36 hours you ask?  The answer is as much as one wants to.  If you look back in my blog posts you will read that where a will exists, it is truly amazing what a first time visitor can accomplish.

But with that said, Rome left me wanting like no other place I have ever traveled.  I know what I saw, but I know that there is so many more places to see and explore.  Like with other major cities I have travelled to in the past, it has been the general practice to not only visit in a what some may consider a superficial way, it is also to immerse ones self in a neighbourhood.  To feel the pulse of the city by living, in this case, as a Roman.  I was lead to believe the last time I was there that a Roman is a unique Italian.  Not unlike a Venetian, a Roman must prove several generations of lineage to in fact call him or herself truly Roman.

To be born at a Roman hospital to Milanese parents does not in fact make you a Roman.  I want to live amongst Romans.  I want to experience Roman traditions and food.  The only way to do this I feel is to fade in to the Roman stonework.  To live in the moment for an extended period of time.  As independent wealth is not part of my equation, I am taking a month away from work and resettling in a neighbourhood just North of the Borghese Gardens.

Now is the time to plan to spend my time wisely. Now is the time to take solace in making decisions that will provide me the emergency blanket from which I can throw off as required.  To wander the streets of Rome for the second time will be a thrill and a privilege.  I could bang on and on with the marquis names of the most visited sights the eternal city has on offer.  But that is not how I roll.  Sure I want those major ah ha moments, however I want to fill my bucket and camera with unplanned and unscripted moments that will for me, further intrench my lust for Rome.

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