The 3rd is coming up quick and like with any journey the devil is in the details.  Packing and re-packing has been what seems like the Bain of my existence.  Is my pack light enough?  Am I taking enough clothing, outdoor gear, blister repair kits, cash on hand etc etc.  Conversely am I taking too much tech?  Do I need an Ipad, a laptop, and a IPhone?

Do I have the itinerary committed to memory?  Does muscle memory kick in when you haven’t driven on the left side of the road in a few years?  These are all simple questions on the surface and in theory the answer to them all is “I don’t know”!

Walking the breadth of the United Kingdom is no easy challenge.  It has been a labor of love to organize and an adventure to look forward to like none other.  Many stops along the way will give way to many new experiences that could shape the overall experience.

Thursday at 14:00 hrs. leg one of three begins with a short hop to Edmonton.  From Edmonton we look forward to a gracious host in KLM Airlines all the way to Amsterdam.  Soon after we head back against the grain to Newcastle Upon Tyne and then on to Durham where the rubber hits the road.


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