FRIDAY (Rugby Day)

Today is the day the tickets for the RWC go back on sale.



With high hopes I logged on to the RWC website and crossed my fingers that some half decent tickets still remained. Five minutes later I had 2 tickets for the Canada-Ireland game and 2 more for the day after in Cardiff when the home nation Wales takes on Uruguay.My sights were set on tickets for the England – Wales game at Twickenham a week later I was crushed to learn there was nothing left. While not taking no for an answer I searched Stub hub and Craigslist for a couple of tickets (any tickets) to get in to the hallowed ground that is referred to by the England Rugby faithful as “HQ”.

rugby-world-cup-2015Shock and awe are two words that describe what I found as I sadly surfed on. Sure I can get tickets but I am going to have to part with one thousand British Pounds. That’s not happening, so maybe on the day there may be a scalper that will take pity on us. Time will tell.

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